Why Join AIECCA?

Benefits of Joining AIECCA:

  • All members of AIECCA are bound by AIECCA Code of Conduct and Constitution.
  • All members agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct and abide by the Constitution of AIECCA.
  • The primary objective of AIECCA is to shield the interests of its members.
  • Each application is scrutinized by respective AIECCA State Committee and final approval is made by its Executive Committee.
  • The members enjoy networking opportunities with more than 200 other members of AIECCA through various formal and informal forums.

Responsibilities of AIECCA to its members:

  • To defend and safeguard the interests of the members.
  • To act on behalf of the members in negotiations and deliberations with various institutions.
  • To inculcate highest standards of professionalism and ethics in our members, which should reflect in their dealings with students, parents and institutions.
  • To provide the members professional training for enhancing skills.
  • To conduct road shows with various national organizations across the country.
  • To keep the members updated on important matters in the education sector by means of AIECCA Newsletter.

Every State Committee of AIECCA conducts meetings of its members once in every 90 days, where members can discuss the current issues affecting the profession and get themselves acquainted with new developments in the education sector. This forum provides a platform to share and to resolve the problems concerning the members. Eminent personalities and experts in educational sector are invited to address the members on relevant topics.

AIECCA, as a nodal association, is approached by different clients across the nation to ensure that their institutions are dealing with the right consultants in admission planning and execution. AIECCA removes the ambiguity and provide assurance on each of its members with the slogan: "An AIECCA Member - the one you can trust!"

AIECCA grows confidence in the members that their profession will further flourish to greater heights and all of them as Educational Consultants & Counselors will be recognized and respected nationwide as a "UNITED TEAM WITH ONE PROFESSIONAL AND ETHICAL VOICE".