Origin & Growth of AIECCA

The ALL INDIA EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS & COUNSELLORS ASSOCIATION (AIECCA) was formed in 2016 by leading educational professionals who foresaw the need for a countrywide roof for the educational consultation services in India that can act as a regulatory system for the education sector, uphold the values of education and preserve the ethical codes of business simultaneously.

In the present competitive environment, an unbiased umbrella organization like AIECCA is the need of the hour to defend and promote the interests of the educational consultants and counsellors in the country. The prime target of the organisation is to protect the interests of educational professionals, to facilitate the systematic development of the industry and to safeguard students, parents, institutions and our members from exploitation by unscrupulous operators.

AIECCA represents all that is professional, ethical and dynamic in the education related activities in our nation. It has been recognized as the voice of the Career and Education Industry in India. In a span of one year, the Association's membership has swelled steadily to about 200+ Active, Associate and Allied members.